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The Muses' Ramblings

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I'm just your typical 35 year-old special education instructional assistant, Roman re-enactor, DAR member, amateur genealogist, liberal, geek, and idiot fangirl. This is the blog for my website, MusesRealm.Net and for me. Although I am a Colorado native, "for reasons that don't need exploring at this junction" I'm now living in New England. As of late, work is keeping me pretty busy, so most of my posts are friend-locked ramblings about my everyday life. My website has had to take a back seat to real life, so I don't really have many new creations to share, or updates to make. That being said...

Unless specifically stated otherwise, please feel free to snag anything that I post here (that's why I posted it, LOL!), but do let others know where you found it so they can make discoveries of their own. You can either credit the website (MusesRealm.Net) or my livejournal (musesrealm). Comments telling me what you snagged/like/would like to see will encourage me to make more things. I'm also always open to suggestions and challenges. Oh, and I do (free) custom work too, time permitting. Just ask.

i'm in hufflepuff! Occasionally I'll post special things that are friends only (sometimes icons or music, but mostly memes, RL stuff, and the like--check my memories for the really special stuff). If you're only interested in icons and other graphics, please join my graphics community: muses_creations. If I've friended you first, I probably found you or something in your journal interesting/shiny. I don't comment much, just so you know. It's nothing personal, I just don't always know what to say.
If you want the most up-to-date info on me (you stalkers, you!) check out my twitter page.

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Greece is Love

Greece is Love

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