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13 April 2006 @ 08:55 pm
I Have an Update...  
...but my FTP server is down, so I can't upload anything. Urgh!

I have about 20 LJ Icons (some Fine Art, Easter, Christian), a few new headers, and some Friends Only Banners. Oh, and some blinkies as well. If I get ambitious (which I probably will) this list will grow.

I get to work at the daycare all day tomorrow (06:30-18:30), so I probably won't be uploading anything until I get home. I have a two hour break somewhere in my day, but I'm going to try and finish reading The Course of Honor by Lindsey Davis then instead of doing anything else. It's a fab book, and I've read it about a dozen times before, but it still hasn't gotten old. If you're ever at the bookstore and want a nice historical romance, it's the book for you.

Okay, so no update at the present time, but look for one in the near future. Yeah.
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