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02 August 2005 @ 08:31 pm
Stargate LJ Icons  
I'm in the middle of making some new LJ Icons. The ones I have so far are all for Stargate (1 for SG-1 and 4 for SGA).

I'll probably post a few more before I sign off for the night, at least ones for the rest of our favourite SGA heroes (and they'll look like the Weir and Beckett ones). As I'm doing these I'm noticing that certain actors/characters have more good pictures. Ford, for example, appears many times, but he's usually hiding behind someone/something and all you can see is a shoulder or the brim of his hat. Teyla is also usually to be found hiding behind her hair. Hmmm...
I'm Feeling: geekygeeky
Listening To: Barenaked Ladies' Born on a Pirate Ship