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17 January 2006 @ 01:20 pm
World Music Teaching  
Okay, so this has *nothing* to do with my website, unless I finally get my world music lessons posted.

We've moved on to Europe in my music classes. I did Greece last week, and this week I'm doing France. Wait...that sounds dirty. I'm teaching my kids about France this week, and last week they learned about Greece. That sounds better.

Greece went well. I taught a dance (Chiostikos) and we listened to Greek music. We also learned what a bouzouki looks and sounds like. I brought in some of my travel books from Greece that I got on my trip, and they were facinated with Santorini, and how it is still an active volcano. And we learned Greek words! They did really well, especially the little boy who loves "Jambo Bwana". He has quite the ear and memory for languages.

France with Kindergarten went pretty well yesterday. We listened to some French music and learned how to sing "Frere Jacques". One of my Pre-K kids has a Mom who is French, and she lent me this fab French children's CD by an artist named Chantal Goya. It's a hoot, and I don't really even speak French. He website is quite fun as well. ChantalGoya.Com. I'm going to try and teach them some French (with my horrible accent), so we'll see what happens with that. I just wish I knew a French dance or something else to teach them. Wait...I could teach them a bit of the waltz or ballet. That would be fun!

I don't know which other countries I'm going to do. The Putumayo books don't have any country pictures/flags from any countries besides Greece and France, so I'm going to have to create them myself. I'm thinking I'll probably do Spain, Germany, and Ireland/UK, as I'm familiar with those countries. I may also do Sweden, Poland, and Russia, depending on time. I get Kindergarten nine times with our new rotation, so I could do up to nine countries, in theory. Anyone have any suggestions?

Oh, and this was also posted to my personal journal.

I'll be making an icon update this evening after work (Andromeda and Time Bandits so far, but there will probably be more).
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Listening To: Chantal Goya's "Le meilleur"
Sharonnosilla1101 on January 19th, 2006 02:32 pm (UTC)
I think Spain would be good..lots of wonderful dances and music in that culture. (of course, i'm completely biased.. i love anything to do with spanish culture) One of my LJ friends is from Barcelona.. if you have any questions, i'm sure she would love to help out! mina_murray
Carolinemusesrealm on January 21st, 2006 06:47 pm (UTC)
I love Spain too! I have a good friend who lives in Madrid, and I've been to see her a few times. The music and culture there are just so...wonderful. And since my students are learning Spanish in school now, it would be fun to show them something in addition to the Mexican/Latin American Spanish language and culture that they get here.
StarriNightstarrhealer on January 19th, 2006 04:30 pm (UTC)
I totally recommend doing something with Mexico or Spain or both. Not only do they have AWESOME music that's around a lot, but you guys have a lot of Hispanics in your area so they'd have something (or someone) to attach it all to and they might absorb it even better. Plus you have a bunch of really great resources (people) around you to get ideas and songs from!

There's this school about an hour away from home that does an "(Insert country) Day" every year. Mom and I have sung for them a few times. Last time they did Greek Day, so we searched all of our stuff for Greek songs and found one called "Samyotisa" that we got pretty good at singing the day before the gig. Granted, we 'Americanized' it a little, but that's because we were teaching it to the kids and even ^I^ couldn't get the 7/8 time signature right. We just added a beat every measure and sang it 8/8, then we taught it to the kids in Greek. It was a lot of fun!
Carolinemusesrealm on January 21st, 2006 06:41 pm (UTC)
I've done both Mexico and Greece, and the kids *loved* them. They've decided that they like Nortenyo Music and since they get Spanish lessons a few days each week they can understand it a bit. They're also pretty good dancers, so they learned the Chiotikos (Greek dance) I taught them pretty quickly. They also occasionally do it on the playground, lol! And they really like singing/speaking in foreign languages, as they seem to pick them up quite quickly (they think of it as a game).

I think I will do Spain, since I have actually been there and have a few CDs that I brouhgt back, and a bunch of pictures. They like the pictures. And Flamenco and Gypsy music are soooo much fun. Oooh! And we have several sets of castanets and scarves. Yay!! I'm excited now!