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19 November 2005 @ 12:27 pm
Mr. Burns = Goa'uld  
I came up with this list quite a bit ago while I was bored during a planning hour subbing at FCHS. I lost it right after, and just found it today while cleaning. I though I'd inflict it upon share it with you. If you have anything to add, please comment!

Reasons why Mr. Burns is a Goa'uld:
- He has lived a really, really, really long time
- He doesn't seem to age
- He cares little for those "beneath" him
- He has but one human he trusts - Said person serves his every whim and treats him like a god
- He survives living in / near a nuclear power plant
- He is egotistical and vain
- He is always "dressed up"
- He lives in a mansion / palace
- He is the most powerful man in Springfield
- He is power hungry
- He literally controls the power in the town, as he owns the power plant
- He is somewhat of a recluse, though everyone knows who he is
- He is very rich
- He has a strange timber to his voice
- His eyes have glowed
- His home is full of hidden tunels and traps
- He relies on plebean apathy to stay in power
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