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13 April 2017 @ 06:34 pm
Moving On  
Like oh so many others, I am making the switch to Dreamwidth. There is already someone over there with the username "Musesrealm", so I went with "Muses-Realm". I would love to connect with all of you over there! https://muses-realm.dreamwidth.org/.

I will continue reading things here until my paid account runs out in December, but I do not anticipate making any additional entries here. Not that I really do any way. I will cross post my entries here from Dreamwidth, however, so those of you who are not switching can still read my entries.

See y'all on the flipside!
Amandacissa on April 27th, 2017 11:15 pm (UTC)
I'm still mostly reading LJ, but am contemplating what I need to do to transfer.

Glad you're on both!