Caroline (musesrealm) wrote,

Deep Thoughts

I'm in the last unit of my Child Development (Psychology) class. We have two discussions, two essay paper discussions, and the final exam for this last unit. It's split up into two sections: late childhood/adolescence, and disabilities and disorders. The first section is pretty straightforward, and our discussions have been pretty bland. The discussion on disabilities and disorders, on the other hand, is much more lively and though-provoking.

Our current mini-discussion is focusing on the autism spectrum and how it would influence people with multiple personalities. The biggest questions are whether or not all of the personalities would fall somewhere on the autism spectrum, and if they did would they all fall on the same spot.

I know of at least one of you on my flist who is a multiple, and a few of you fall somewhere on the autism spectrum. Several others of you are teachers. Does anyone have any insight for our discussion? Published papers on the subject would be idea (we're having a hard time finding any), but personal reflections or first-hand knowledge are very much welcomed as well.
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