Caroline (musesrealm) wrote,

My Dell Computer Still Sucks

I'm just whining. Feel free to ignore.

All of the USB devices I have connected to my Dell computer save the mouse and keyboard have stopped functioning. My external drives and printer work for about, oh, 30 seconds, and then disconnect themselves. Same with my iPod and my Palm. The Palm, at least, gives me the error that the USB connection has been lost. I've tried switching around ports, restarting my computer, reinstalling the drivers and software, but I still have the same problem.

And that problem I had when I first bought the computer (the one where it wouldn't start up if anything was connected to the computer)? It's still going on. Every time I restart my computer I have to disconnect everything except the monitor (keyboard and mouse also have to be disconnected).

My guess is that I need a new motherboard. Which I can't afford.

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