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17 October 2006 @ 12:14 am
MusesRealm.Net's September Stats  
Yeah, I know I'm a bit behind. These past few weeks have been crazy busy for me at school, what with me having to grade papers and all, and prepare for concerts. 1st quarter is over this Friday, and things should calm down a bit after that (just a little bit, as our first orchestra concert is next Thursday...yeah), and I'll be able to get more things done. Anywho, I bring you the 'Realm's September 2006 Stats:

September Stats:

Total Hits--2028217
Total Files--651887
Total Pages--66114
Total Visits--26751
Total KBytes--6354911

Most popular sections:
1. Rome
2. LiveJournal Icons
3. Stories
4. Calendars
5. Deities

Most popular fandoms/genres:
1. Rome
2. Music
3. Stargate
4. Fine Art
5. Deities

Most Popular Searches:
1 livejournal icons
2 lj icons
3 aniversary gifts
4 seven hills of rome
5 roman festivals
6 journal icons
7 live journal icons
8 blinkies
9 eurydice and orpheus
10 diaryland templates
11 friends only banners
12 rome timeline
13 the seven hills of rome
14 7 hills of rome
15 desktop calendars
16 roman writers
17 julias caesar
18 mythological places
19 lj icon
20 traditional aniversary gifts

I have a couple of things I'm working on for the 'Realm, with the most pressing being finishing my Three Musketeers claim for icons100, as it expires this weekend. Some of the students at my school have asked me to update the Roman Festivals Page, so that's second on my list. I'm working on a music mix for Supernatural, but it probably won't be out for a while. I'm also in the process of getting all of the music I have on CD transferred to my external drive so I can add it to the iPod that I ordered. Yay! When this process is complete I'll probably make some other new music mixes for those of you on my friends list. Other than that...I'm probably get cracking on typing up my lesson plans and maybe adding some additional deities. Look for it when you see it...

Okay, enough of this muse's ramblings. I'm off to grade papers. TTFN!
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