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10 October 2005 @ 09:24 pm
No Pictures!  
The photo guy is sick (bummer for him), and he won't be back for another two weeks. My air should be faded enough by then so it looks alright for pictures.

I can now join the "I love my crazy red hair" crowd. My only real beef with it being this loud was that it would look bad for pictures (the red/orange background they use...UGH!). Now that they aren't a concern, I can enjoy my hair colour like I usually do.

My kids are split 70/30 on how well they like my hair. The most vocal comment was from one of my favourite kids who told me that I should be Ariel for Halloween becuase I have the right hair colour. She even offered to be Flounder (that's who she's going to be anyway, lol!). I love my kids! There's nothing quite like the ego boost you get from a room full of 3&4 year-olds.

Grandma hates my hair. Of course, she thinks that I'm a platinum blonde (I'm *so* not), and anything other than that is "horrible" on me. She's one to talk: she's almost 82 and has had the same faux strawberry-blonde thing going on for almost 20 years. Besides, I really love shocking the old lady--it's a blast, especially with things that don't really matter. One would think she'd be used to it by now. I'm not as bad as my Dad was, though. He liked doing the whole "Camp Granada" thing to her.

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